I’m designing the worlds (currently) smallest ESP32 development board and it’s called TinyPICO.

As a maker and youtuber, I usually document my projects via videos and livestreams, so here is the chronological journey of why I started working on it and how it’s all going… I say “going” because this stuff is never “done”.

 TinyPICO revision 4

TinyPICO revision 4

Current Specs - Rev4 - 24th Oct 2018

  • ESP32 PICO-D4 with 2.4Ghz Wifi and BT

  • 14 GPIO broken out

  • Onboard USB + Serial/UART for programming

  • Onboard LIPO charge controller

  • Dual purpose JST connector on the bottom (Supports both JST PH & MicroBlade)

  • Onboard APA102 (Dotstar) RGB LED

  • Support for PSRAM mounted on the bottom

  • Optimised power path for low power battery usage

  • GPIO 34 reads approximate VBAT voltage

  • GPIO 35 reads if battery is in a charge state

  • 17.7mm x 31.7mm in size - It’s tiny!

Current Status

7th Nov 2018 : Rev 5 PCB’s sent for fabrication

6th Nov 2018 : PSRAM Proto-type confirmed working on PICO-KIT

24th Oct 2018 : Built and tested revision 4 - both variations work great!

16th Oct 2018 : Revision 4 went off to JLCPCB for manufacturing

11th Oct 2018 : Built and tested revision 3 - My first 4 layer board works!

27th Sep 2018 : Built and tested revision 2 - TinyPICO is now even smaller

16th Sep 2018 : Built revision 1 - TinyPICO lives!