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My aim is to be able to design and make open source hardware and projects to share with the maker community on a full time basis.  One of the ways I am building to that goal is through some amazingly generous people that are backing me via my Patreon and Buy Me A Coffee pages.


Buy Me A Coffee

  • Colin Hickey

  • Nicholas Barnes

  • Garry williams

  • Paul Block

  • Annonymous


  • Robert Elmes

  • David Granz

  • Ian Johnston

  • Jan Peterson

  • Greg Davill

  • bitluni

  • Jon Raymond

  • Nicholas Barnes

  • Amos Bannister

  • Andy Callaway

  • Donald Greensdale

  • Mike Oliver

  • Alborz

  • Jonathan Caes

  • Dave Windsor

  • Colin Hickey


If you'd like to help me achieve my goal of "full time giver of open source projects", please consider one of the options here...

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