All products purchased on this store ship directly from me here in Melbourne, Australia.

Orders are processed daily and usually go out the same day they are paid for - allowing for time zone differences of course.

Finally, postage rates suck, sorry :( I'm embarrassed by how much it costs to ship items overseas since COVID, and I do my best to improve rates where I can.

Postage & Delivery

Postage delivery times, if stated, are based on current expectations from Australia Post and may vary.

Please keep in mind that there are still occasional postage delays, including flights out of Australia and inbound customs processing into many countries.

Any duties and import fees incurred during delivery are the responsibility of the customer.

In the EU?

If you are in the EU, please check out my Lectronz store to see if the product you are after is listed there

All orders purchased there have the VAT taken care of for you, so there should be no nasty payment/fee surprises when your product is delivered.