Hello! My name is Seon, but most people know me as Unexpected Maker.

I’m based in Australia, and I design and manufacture my own range of microcontroller development boards, add on shields and other electronics based products that are enjoyed by hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals around the world.

I also run a YouTube channel, and do weekly livestreams around electronics projects.

Latest UM News!

The latest news and product releases.

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TinyWATCH S3 is an open source hackable smart watch and I've just released the latest revision - P7!

Now with haptics and more space inside the case for adding a bigger battery and the case screws together.

Introducing FeatherS3 Neo

I've just released the FeatherS3 Neo which is covered in RGB goodness.

With 8MB Flash, 2MB PSRAM plus a 7x7 Low Power RGB LED Matrix, the FeatherS3 Neo shines brighter than anything else around!

Hello BLING!

I've just released the first batch of my BLING! boards.

BLING! comes in 3 versions, all with 320x beautiful 1x1mm Adressable RGB LEDs (matrix of 40x8) on the front, and different goodies on the back!

Introducing TinyC6

I've just released the TinyC6 which packs the new Espressif ESP32-C6 MCU.

The ESP32-C6 is the first WiFi 6 (2.45GHz) MCU from Espressif, that also has a high and low-performance RISC-V core and Zigbee + Thread support!

Unexpected Maker Help

I’ve just launched a new Knowledge Base website to help folks find answers to questions they have about my products.

I’m adding content to it daily right now, so if there’s something you want to know, and you can’t find it there, please let me know!

ESP32-S3 boards with u.FL

All UM ESP32-S3 boards now come with an option u.FL connector instead of an onboard antenna.

This allows you to attach an external antenna for projects that need to go in cases/boxes or that need long range!

LoRa E5 Shield

This shield includes an E5 LoRa module from Seeed, that works in the EU868 / US915 / AU915 / AS923 / KR920 / IN865 range of frequencies and is compatible with the TinyPICO, TinyS2 and TinyS3

Neo7 Mini Display

Brand new Mini Sized (34x20mm), Colourful, Bright & Animated RGB 7 Segment LED display boards. Now you have a choice in size between the Mini and the Original Neo7 Display!

Reflow Master Pro

Reflow Master Pro is an easy to install & feature packed solder paste reflow controller that can turn any suitable toaster oven into an SMD PCB reflow oven. Reflow Master Pro ships with a WiFi interface to allow you to control a huge range of settings and easily create and manage reflow profiles.


I have a YouTube channel, where I post project and product creation videos.
I also do weekly live streams where you can participate in the community chat to ask questions, offer help or just giggle along as I make a mess of things or get distracted… They’re pretty fun!

Below is a selection of some of my popular videos!


Here is a list of official resellers that stock some Unexpected Maker products!
If you are interested in stocking my products, please reach out to me for a chat!


Below are more Unexpected Maker websites you can visit for various products I make.

I release some of my projects as open source, and also share code examples and files for many projects. I also host repositories containing supporting files for my products as well. Have a scan through my repositories to see more!

Custom Design & Manufacturing

My products often get used in product prototypes and projects where folks require design modifications to suit their requirements, or lower level integration of my designs into their products. If this interests you, please get in touch!